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Hans Steinke – Biography
(a seemingly never-ending story)

“Current experience is a clear indication of what we call NOW. Wanting to survive, again is a clear sign of the limited personal story in it.”


1947 Born in northern Germany.
1962 – 1978 Training as a carpenter and draftsman, working art school, military, first marriage, casual works, study and work as an architect.
1979 Birth of his daughter Lucie
1979 – 1992 Meeting and student body with the Indian master OSHO.
Emigration to India.
5 years practicing Rebalancing Bodyworker, followed by 10 years as a spiritual stand-up Comedian in ‘The World of Osho’.
Beginning of the therapeutic and spiritual work with people in Europe.
1993 – 1996 Encounter and student body with the Indian advait-teacher and master POONJAJI in Lucknow / India.
First satsang in Israel, Sicily, Switzerland, France, Norway, Sweden and Finland

“Throughout my life there have always been surprising changes of direction and bursts of energy are all crowded into a seemingly predetermined direction. Very early on, especially as an actor and stand-up comedian, my interest was instantaneous presence throughout the study – the NOW. Here it never counted my personal knowledge, but it was always the deep inner connection to the related people and situations, that l mysteriously moving and energetically supported.

It was never about me for something to achieve, but only about recognizing something.

Now I call it simply: ‘The natural movement towards wisdom’. There is a knowingness inside, a sense of fundamentel trust, to be directed and moved naturally. You can not explain it, but this current phenomenon is to obvious, as it does not exist or could be overlooked. Impersonal events – ‘The Tao of Life’ – is the very significant energy’ thread ‘of my story.

It is a process by the Me, the ‘I’ or so-called person or actor to play no role, even though ‘you’ will always want it otherwise.”

1997  Returned to Germany – Berlin / Hamburg.
1997 – 1999 Encounter with Advaita teacher MIKAIRE.
1999 – 2004 Encounter and student body with the Advaita teacher OM C. PARKIN in Germany.
Resolution of the direct reference to any ‘external teacher or master’, and detachment from the traditional form of satsang.
His focus now autonomous and work with people is the current view: direct, simple, undeviative, durable, present, unconventional and with a good sense of humor, uncover dialogues. Not easy, but real. This work fits hardly in any traditional concept, and at this same time – does not need to fit.
2000 Meeting with the painter and artist Gabriele Musebrink. Since 2001, they live together and have been married since 2007.
2005 Establishing his spiritual learning process: SAT-ZEN – TUNNING INSIDE.
2006 Meeting and continuous friendship with the Swiss modern mystic and healer MANUEL SCHOCH and his wife EFFIE SCHOCH-Spiliotis.
2007 Publication of the book: “God is wherever you are most uncertain,” with reports by participants of his learning process ‘SAT-ZEN – TUNNING INSIDE’.
Establishment of the SAT-ZEN – FORUM FOR LIVING MEDITATION ‘ in Leipzig, Vienna, Belzig (near Berlin), Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and Luxembourg.
2008 Foundation of the Association for Inner Work: ‘SAT-ZEN eV LEIPZIG’
2009 Meeting with the Indian Advaita teacher and master RAMESH BALSEKAR shortly before his death in Bombay / India.
Practical and cognitive confirmation of the Advaita teaching: ‘Life has nothing to do with the initiative or the efforts of any person, but is an impersonal event, which is being mistaken for a personal event.’

“Life is not done by you but without you.”
2010 Opening of the ‘SAT-ZEN – CENTRE‘ in Leipzig under the leadership of Catherine Burmeister.
First DVD release: “The discovery of impersonal consciousness.”
2011 Establishing of the SAT-ZEN – FORUM FOR INNER WORK “in Essen.
1. Books “Exactly Now – The Moment of no Return” as the author and his biography, “You are not the masters”, edited by Wolfgang Neuhuber (Vienna), are in progress.
Video clips of the set work and the “Dialogue among friends” on Google Video / YouTube / Now-TV and on his website:
2. 2. DVD release: “THE PRESENT OF VIEW.”
3.3. DVD: “I AM LIVING NOW” in progress.
2012 Surprising early death of the ‘Explorer of the Inner Worlds’ and deep friend Thomas Krippl.
First Sat-Zen Events in Warschau, Danzig and the “Here and Now – Spiritual Development Center” l Northern country side of poland.


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